Another year with Svépomocí.cz at FOR ARCH expo is successfully behind us


The website Svépomocí.cz is one of the largest community websites for self-help builders and Absolook takes care of their project management.

This year was a sixth time the team behind the website Svépomocí.cz presented themselves at the FOR ARCH expo, third year in a row overseen by Absolook, where the visitors had a chance to gain some insight and valuable information about options how to self-help build their house. Pavel Tesárek, the founder of the website, was answering all questions, visitors of the expo stall might had had for him, together with his team of helpful hostesses and Jaroslav Antoš, the project manager. At the expo stall, visitors had a chance to purchase two books – ‘Foundation board’ and ‘Structure’, written by Mr. Tesárek, as well as small items of merchandising and T-shirts. A 15-minute video from the process of self-building a house was shown on a loop at the expo stall.

All visitors of the Svépomocí.cz expo stall had a one-time opportunity to win an 80.000 CZK voucher to purchase windows of their choice at OKNA.EU, an online seller which is one of the partners of Svépomocí.cz. The winner of the voucher, Jana Křemenáková, has been an active member of the online community at Svépomocí.cz since its early beginnings.

The week long presentation of the website Svépomocí.cz at FOR ARCH expo was concluded with a conference lead by the founder Pavel Tesárek, discussing the process of self-help building a house step by step. During the conference, Pavel Tesárek introduced the audience to professionals from various spheres of construction industry who spoke about their experience with procedures and materials used during the construction of a house, and answered any questions the visitors, or the founder himself, had prepared for them.

The conference had a very high turn up of 453 visitors who later had a chance to further examine photographs, materials and tools, that were used during the construction of a house presented during the talks, in the conference foyer.

Absolook and Svépomocí.cz would like to thank all visitors of the expo stall and the conference, and are already looking forward to the next year of FOR ARCH expo.

More information on the options of self-help building a house can be found at