Absolook in media: Christmas supplement of a weekly magazine Marketing & Media 40/2016


Christmas is quickly approaching and so are the Christmas themed magazine supplements where we can read how to gift our clients. Our Business Development Manager wrote one such an article which talks about principles for choosing corporate gifts as well as shared his ideas on gift giving with the readers.

Please, read below the full article that was published in issue no. 40/2016 of Marketing & Media weekly magazine.

Let the Christmas gift speak up for you

A Christmas gift is a unique outlet which represents the close relationship between you and your client and allows you to say more than the traditional communication outlets. Here are some tips on how to stay on top of gift giving.

If your company is positioned as traditional, secure, or slightly conservative, then a gift that evokes these values would be adequate. However, you can still be original while remaining traditional.

If you gift your clients with chocolates or confectionary every year, you might want to try something a little bit different. Traditional gifts can benefit from an upgrade while remaining conventionally festive which may then evoke the dynamic approach of the company. Clients with ‘sweet tooth’ can be gifted with, for instance, biscuits in the shape of a classic vinyl record that may be branded with your company logo using a 3D printer.

If you rely on design when communicating positioning of your company, then your corporate gift should correspond with Christmas colours that are popular that year. Last year the colour of Christmas was purple while this year it is more of a pink colour. It is always recommended to link these colours with your usual corporate colours.

Evoke your client’s emotions

Every year, our agency Absolook is looking into delivering a gift that will communicate the positioning of the agency while giving clients a practical gift for long-term use. Last year, clients received a themed board game King of Marketing which introduces players with obstacles and challenges of marketing practice in a form of a witty and easily relatable social entertainment.

A Christmas gift in 2014 used a Czech Christmas tradition of cutting an apple in half which was communicated as a basic Ikea style manual with steps on how to detect a happiness, attached with a personal card. This year, Absolook aims to move their presentation another level higher.

A shorter version was published on 3rd October 2016 as an online article on Marketing & Media news website. Please, find the shorter version here.