Direct mailing campaign for Le Cheque Déjeuner, s. r. o. / Up Czech Republic


UP Czech Republic is one of the leaders on the Czech market of non-financial employee benefits. To improve its services, it is preparing a Web search engine with the complete data of its partner establishments.

Within this project, Absolook has helped to draw up a questionnaire for the collection of data from partner points of sale, and it has prepared a direct mailing campaign.

The questionnaire covered the activities of the establishments and included questions on the space and capacity of the establishments, their menu, loyalty programs, the acceptance of various payment methods and UP products, their opening hours, type of cuisine, price range and more.

For filling out the short questionnaire, the clients received a reward in the form of traditional French cuisine recipes such as French Quiche, Onion Soup, Coq Au Vin and more.

Within this project, we have provided:

  • The complete creation of the graphics for the appearance of the online questionnaire
  • Expert advice and the proofreading of questions contained in the questionnaire
  • A creative text composition in the form of communication with the customer

In the words of our client, the mailed questionnaire was a great success, and they were very satisfied with the cooperation with Absolook.  We are always glad to receive such compliments and quality results.