Creative work and production

Creative lab and complete production services.

Creative work, graphics, design 1000 CZK/hour
DTP 600 CZK/hour
Copywriting 800 CZK/hour
Event manager 800 CZK/hour
Production manager 800 CZK/hour
Graphical audit and production of corporate identity manual From 39 000 CZK
Design and production of branded promotional items or Christmas presents From 9 900 CZK
Event production for 100 people (venue location selection and rent, light and sound production, welcome drink, refreshment) From 49 000 CZK

Human resources and training

Wide range of personnel and trainings.

Promoter / hostess (trained, with language skills) From 120 CZK/hour
Merchandiser – replenishment and merchandising in stores, monitoring, reporting From 150 CZK/hour
Mystery shopper – store checking, including analysis and reporting From 4 900 CZK

Education and training

Business skills From 9 900 CZK per day
Training of promoters and hostesses for an event, communication skills, brand presentation, practical training From 9 900 CZK per day
TManagement skills – feedback, enforcement, motivation, effective communication From 9 900 CZK per day
Practical coaching skills in the client´s environment From 12 000 CZK per day


We help your brands to keep pace with your customers.

Website analysis 9 990 CZK
Emailing From 4 990 CZK
Community management From 19 990 CZK per month
Video shooting incl. Sharing in YouTube channel od 14 990 CZK
Website management od 9 990 CZK per month
Social Media Management od 9 900 CZK per month
SEO analysis From 4 990 CZK
Microsite creating 14 990 CZK
Website creating From 29 990 CZK
PPC campaigns (banners, keywords, remarketing) From 14 990 CZK per month
On-line specialist 900 CZK/hour


We provide planning, monitoring and evaluation of communication campaigns.

Media planner 1 500 CZK/hour
Ensuring a media purchase of your campaign From 4 900 CZK
PR manager 1 000 CZK/hour

Strategy and project management

We help companies with their vision, design and marketing.

Strategic planner 2 950 CZK/hour
Account manager 1 200 CZK/hour
Account executive 800 CZK/hour
Brand communication strategy From 19 000 CZK

IT services and programming

Programming and standard analysis

– Web applications: programming language C # on the platform .NET (ASP.NET), PHP, HTML + CSS, JavaScript (including extensions such as jQuery)

– SQL database: Microsoft SQL, My SQL

– desktop applications: programming language C # on the platform .NET

800 CZK/hour
Special programming and analysis

– applications for mobile devices (Android and Windows)

– RaspberryPi applications

– microprocessors (Atmel AVR, including the platforms Arduino and x51), PLCs (Panasonic FP)

– system integration, link to other information systems (e.g. Office 365 and others – access to documentation and supplier support are a necessary condition)

– IoT applications, other special devices

1 000 CZK/hour
Standard IT management

– user support (MS Windows and MS Office) – setup and installation of desktops and notebooks (Windows, MS Office, and selected extended applications)

600 CZK/hour
Special IT management

– server setup and installation (Windows, Linux) – server and server product management (Windows, Linux, SQL server, web server, and Office365)

1 000 CZK/hour
ServiceDesk service

(The service serves the sole purpose of reporting and tracking requests, not for immediate technical support.)- line for reporting requests (working hours 9:00 – 17:00)- web application for reporting requests (non-stop), tracking their status and billing

1 000 CZK/hour
Information security

– implementation and management of ISMS (27000 series according to ISO standards)

– risk analysis and management

– safety assessment of suppliers

– independent ISMS audit

– consultancy, counselling, training (information campaigns for employees, periodic training, GDPR, and eIDAS)

1 200 CZK/hour

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